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Box of 6 cupcakes

Rum Cupcakes Galoria

Green cupcakes

From our family, to yours

About Us

I am Gloria, baker and owner of Rum Cupcakes Galoria (RCG), a small baking business based in Wolverhampton.


Initially, as a ‘small fish in a huge pond’ it seemed almost impossible that RCG could become a reality. However, with the support of my amazing family, I was encouraged to showcase my skills to a larger audience, and I am so happy that I did!

2 colour cupcakes

Modern cakes made traditionally

We bake cakes with a ‘melt in your mouth’ lightness, never compromising on that significant Caribbean inspiration. Cakes are available both iced and non-iced, with or without alcohol including vegan or gluten free alternatives for any event or purpose.

What we offer

Baking Ingredients
Rum cupcake

Original Rum Cupcakes

Tux Birthday Cake

Iced Rum Celebration  Cakes

Celebration Sponge Cake

Celebration Sponge Cakes

thumbnail_PHOTO-2023-04-14-17-15-46 (1).jpg

Banana And Chocolate Cake

Baking Ingredients

Alcohol Free Fruit Cake

Alcohol Free Cupcakes

Alcohol Free Cupcakes


Rum Cake Slices


Non-iced Rum Cake

See our live reviews

We placed a corporate order for 200 cupcakes. 10/10 for the service and communication was wonderful, the presentation, professionalism and most importantly the cakes! The cakes are by far the best I’ve ever had! Will definitely order again and highly recommend to family and friends.

Looking for something more bespoke?

Get in touch with us on the below with details of your order and we will be in touch to discuss.


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